what can we do for you?

For more than 10 years our facilitators and coaches have been involved in people development in organizations. We keep looking for new ways to support our clients in their professional as well as personal growth - ways which lead not only to better work results, but also to a more positive and more meaningful life of people in the workplace.


Facilitation & leadership development

As facilitators we support groups to engage in meaningful conversations about diverse topics - from creative gatherings to difficult conversations about work relationships. We also train leaders to develop their own facilitation skills as well as their ability to coach and motivate others

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Art of communication

The field of human interactions at work is the core of our training focus: from public speaking, through negotiation up to advanced skills such as group facilitation and managerial coaching. You name it, we do it. We also love teaching creative and strategic thinking skills.



Coaching and individual development support

As coaches we support our clients to find new ways in the professional and the personal arena. On top of that, we use a wide range of psychodiagnostics to help people understand diverse aspects of their own psychological making or to uncover hidden talents.


Unique alternative to traditional training and development

Are things getting a little dull in the training department? Try new ways of learning through play. We create game-like experiences for groups who need to develop specific skills, but also for teams who just want to have fun and get to know each better through inspirational game experience.